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Bookland Proclaims its Right to Sovereignty, Freedom, and Indeed its Very Right to Exist!
After fifty years of peaceful cooperation in the world community of nations, our great nation's existence is gravely threatened. Read more about this dreadful situation and the response of The Sovereignty Council of the Upper House of the Parilament of the Republic of Bookland.  Sovereignty Threatened


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Access to a literate and educated workforce is increasingly important to your enterprise in this Information Age. So you'll be interested to know that Bookland's hard working people not only are all - 100% - literate, but are  among the most intellectually capable in the world. Perhaps that's because the right to vote is conferred only upon those who have submitted a satisfactory critique of a work of at least 250 pages.
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Come to Osmio, City Hall to the World! Our principal export is authenticity.
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Mountains and valleys, lakes and  libraries, berms and bibliotheques, coastlines and cafes, we have it all!

And don't forget our lively shopping districts, including the unique-in-all-the-world Optometry Mall!
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