The People of Bookland The Constitution of Bookland
Bookland Proclaims its Right to Sovereignty, Freedom, and Indeed its Very Right to Exist!
The Sovereignty Council of the Upper House of the Parilament of the Republic of Bookland has reviewed the plans of the various barcode organizations, and in particular those of EAN. It has issued a statement whose summary is as follows:

The decision to eliminate the Republic of Bookland from the EAN encoding system is an unwarranted and completely unprovoked attack on the sovereignty of our great nation. We cannot stand idly by as the international community continues to ride roughshod over the rights of smaller nations.

The actions of the EAN and its allies are of such an extreme nature, threatening the very existence of our dear motherland, that we consider all international weapons limitation treaties to have been abrogated. 

We therefore recommend to the Chancellor that he triple the budget of the Development Office of the Department of Weapons of Mass Disruption in order to bring certain bombasticisms and other developmental weaponry to a state of preparedness for battle as soon as possible. The world community is hereby on notice that no form of  verbal munition, no orutundity, tumidity, no declamatory armament shall be considered off limits. Rhetorical warheads headed in your direction may contain the most vicious sarcasm, causticity, and parody of your most cherished institutions.

You have been warned.

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