The People of Bookland The Constitution of Bookland
The Illustrious History of the
Sovereign Republic of Bookland 

While Bookland is a young country, having been founded by George L. Laurer (inventor of the UPC code) shortly after the development of the European Article Numbering system (EAN), now known as the International Numbering System, its roots can be traced to the origins of the Ogham "barcode" system circa 500 AD.George Laurer

Bookland is a place of Quiet Enjoyment. That's true in the sense of the expression that you would expect, that is, a comfortable, enjoyable place.

More importantly, Bookland is a place that respects, and indeed is built upon, the legal principle of Quiet Enjoyment as found in the real estate industry. Basically, Quiet Enjoyment is a two-word summation of the rights of a tenant in a commercial lease. The tenant is entiled to facilities that work, and the tenant is entitled to privacy.

  Sovereignty Threatened

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Access to a literate and educated workforce is increasingly important to your enterprise in this Information Age. So you'll be interested to know that Bookland's hard working people not only are all - 100% - literate, but are  among the most intellectually capable in the world. Perhaps that's because the right to vote is conferred only upon those who have submitted a satisfactory critique of a work of at least 250 pages.
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Come to Osmio, City Hall to the World! Our principal export is authenticity.
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Mountains and valleys, lakes and  libraries, berms and bibliotheques, coastlines and cafes, we have it all!

And don't forget our lively shopping districts, including the unique-in-all-the-world Optometry Mall!
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