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Our unit of currency is the Constant. 

1 constant = 1/10000 of a "Geneva Basket", which is a collection of specific goods delivered (tax paid) to the parking lot of Migros Cooperative in the Republic and Canton of Geneva (Geneve). At any time between 7:00AM and 8:00PM, 10,000 Constants may be exchanged for one Geneva Basket at

Migros Genève
Rue Alexandre-Gavard 35
1227 Carouge
Tèl. 022 307 51 11

The definition of the Geneva Basket is set every six months by the Bookland Currency Valuation Commission. As with stock market indices, any changes to the list of goods in the Geneva Basket is made such that the value of the total basket remains the same immediately before and immediately after the change.

As of January 1, 2010 the Geneva Basket consists of the items found at this page.

Economic Education 

To avoid the economic problems experienced by other nations [link to WSJ story about over-leverage, the thrift disaster, etc.], Bookland requires that all commissioner candidates pass the Bookland course in economics.

Bookland Economic Education Curriculum

Pricing Principles

In Bookland we consider values to be a component of pricing policy. Specificallly, margin-based pricing is considered to be the proper approach, while opportunity costing is considered to be antisocial.

Guest Essay on Pricing in Bookland

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