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If you know how to use a building, you know how the Internet should work. 

If you know how to use a building then you probably know more about how information security should work than do most information security experts.

If you are an Internet expert, then you may need help understanding how the Internet should work.

Anyone who uses the Internet is invited to become a Citizen of Bookland. There is no cost.

What is special about being part of this great nation?

It's all about authenticity in community. While the notion of the global village dates to the early years of the telegraph in the 19th century when the International Telecommunication Union was formed, lately the online world has come to resemble a favela more than a village.

According to ______ writing in, the Internet is Broken.

A later article written by Rachel Ross describes how a group at Stanford is actually planning the reinvention of the Internet.

And there are the various references to the Boiling Frog Phenomenon

Since the Internet is really the world's information infrastructure, it is imperative that we put to use a good set of solutions even though it requires doing things very differently. The big news is that with the fixing of the information infrastructure we also have the means for effective government for the first time since the concept of "king" was invented by the head of the toughest band of thugs in the countryside.

Since The Republic of Bookland exists only online, it is only natural that the change should be led by the people of Bookland.

The Founding Principles were moved here, as the writing style of the eighteeenth century is a bit dense to put at the top of a Web page.


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