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EAN Threat Subsides
(Well, it never really existed...)

Due to a misunderstanding by a clueless, overpaid bureaucrat the Honorable Secretary of State of the Republic of Bookland, the nation's armed forces were last week needlessly put on alert. The error was caused by the impression that the new EAN barcode system with its additional two digits of resolution, would no longer include Bookland in its country codes, as the book industry would no longer need it.

In fact, there are no plans to eliminate our fair motherland from the world's product numbering systems; the steadily increasing number of titles in publication means those extra digits will be swallowed up in no time .

So our fair motherland is safe - at least for now. But let us all be mindful that we live in a time of numerical instability, with all the uncertainty of RFID, and indeed the unclear future of the printed word. Let us always be awake and aware. We must never let down our guard.

  Sovereignty Threatened

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Access to a literate and educated workforce is increasingly important to your enterprise in this Information Age. So you'll be interested to know that Bookland's hard working people not only are all - 100% - literate, but are  among the most intellectually capable in the world. Perhaps that's because the right to vote is conferred only upon those who have submitted a satisfactory critique of a work of at least 250 pages.
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