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Encoding your Personal Prurience Blocking Standards

This tool will help you encode your standards such that vchips and other blocking devices will be able to make use of them by means of the personal prurience blocking protocol (PPBP)


Code __1  ___2 __3__ etc.


Code __1  ___2 __3__ etc.


Code __1  ___2 __3__ etc.


Code __1  ___2 __3__ etc.
Add your ownSee PPBP language specifications

Devices found on your network, to which you may apply your encoded PPBP standards:


DeviceIP Address (in your subnetwork)

Samsung TV Model 11787

Viesa TV Model V6754M

Apple Macintosh iBook

LG VOIP Phone L8876


You may set up separate tables in order to apply separate instructions to different devices.

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